Whitewall Mt

Hiked Whitewall Mt on 5/17/2017 with Bill and Diane Schor. Weather was forecast to be partly cloudy, but it was mostly clear and warmed up into the 70s although a little cooler in the snowy areas. We hiked 2.5 miles up the Zealand trail to the AZ trail. There were nice views over the beaver ponds along the Zealand trail.

Beaver pond on Zealand trail
Another beaver pond view

Followed the AZ trail for about a quarter mile and then started the bushwhack to the summit of Whitewall Mt. We climbed a little steeply at first and then a gradual uphill the rest of the way. There was a lot of Hobble Bush which slowed us down going through it and trying to find a way around the really thick patches.

Diane making her way through the Hobble Bush

We struggled through the thick stuff and then into some snow that was knee deep in places and finally made it to what the GPS said was the summit, but it wasn’t. The true summit was about a quarter mile away. Near the summit we ran into a woman who was by herself and always hikes solo. She is working on a list of her own that she made up which is the 1000 highest peaks in the northeast. She hikes once or twice a week and isn’t retired. She owns her own construction business and takes every Wednesday off to hike.

Bill and I at the summit
View from the summit

We left the summit and headed over to the top of the cliffs to get some good views and eat lunch. We never did get to the top of the cliffs as it was really thick and we were going down rather steeply. We finally found a spot with a view and decided to stop there and eat our PBJs.

Lunch time
Slide on North Twin

After lunch we found our way back to our original track and headed down. We decided we didn’t want to go through the Hobble Bush again so we headed down to the Ethan Pond trail but we ran into some really steep stuff but it was better than the Hobble Bush.

Zealand Hut through the trees

We eventually made it down to the trail and started the walk back to the car. It took us almost 9 hours to hike 9 miles, not a world record pace. Only 45 peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest list.

Track for the day