North and South Crystal

Hiked North and South Crystal on 11/15/2017 with Bill Schor. This was our second hike of the day as we hiked West Tucker in the morning. We ate our PBJs in the car after driving over from West Tucker. We started the hike by staying to the edge of a recent clearcut area. Lots of evidence of hunters in the area but nobody was around midday. We both had some blaze orange on. We soon headed in to the nice open woods and made our way to the summit.

Looking over the clearcut area to West Tucker
Open woods leading up to the summit

It was a nice hike to the summit with lots of evidence of moose and deer and we thing bear foot prints. We easily found the summit of North Crystal and signed in and then headed over to south Crystal. This was the last 3000 foot summit on the list and meant that Bill and I have climbed all the 3000 foot peaks in New Hampshire.

North Crystal summit

The trip over to South Crystal started out very nicely with nice open woods and lots of animal prints. Then we climbed over a little bump and it became very steep with a couple of small cliffs to work around. It got a little exciting in a couple of spots, I wouldn’t recommend doing this route in reverse as it would be quite difficult going up. Eventually it flattened out and then a very gentle up to the summit of South Crystal.

Bill and I at the summit of South Crystal

We have now completed the New Hampshire 200 Highest list and all we had to do was get back to the car, which we did.

Our tracks for the day

Below is a map showing all the New Hampshire 200 Highest peaks that are in the Great North Woods area of New Hampshire. There is quite a bit of driving on dirt roads to get to all these peaks and they aren’t necessarily well maintained. It was fun but I’m glad it;s done.

The northern part of the New Hampshire 200 Highest peaks