Saddleback, The Horn and Saddleback Junior

Hiked Saddleback, The Horn and Saddleback Junior on 8/11/2018.  It was a sunny day with temps in the 50s to start and high 60s to finish, there was also a nice breeze blowing above treeline. I hiked up the Berry Pickers trail which is a new trail up the SE side of the mountain instead of the usual route which is up the ski trails on Saddleback Mountain. Parts of the trail have been there a long time and used by locals for picking berries. The dirt road to the trail is not recommended for low clearance vehicles and there is one bridge near the end that doesn’t look like it is going to last too much longer.

Sign at trailhead

The trail starts out along side a stream but soon turns away from it on a nice soft footpath. After a while you reach the granite ledges and soon see The Erratic left behind by the glaciers.

The Erratic

You soon reach the Appalachian Trail and turn left to go to the summit of Saddleback. It’s only .5 mile to the summit with only one short steep section.

The AT heading up to the summit of Saddleback
Saddleback summit
Rangeley Lake and Mooselookmeguntic off to the west

After a short break on the summit I headed down and over to The Horn. It was only 1.7 miles over to the summit and was pretty easy except for one ladder that I did not like at all. The top of it wasn’t really secured and the rungs were very narrow.

Metal ladder on the AT near The Horn

After reaching the summit of The Horn I had a slightly late lunch of PBJ.

Summit of The Horn
View looking north from The Horn
Saddleback from The Horn

I left The Horn and headed over to Saddleback Junior. There was a very steep, wet, rocky and rooty section of the trail that was very slow going. The rest of the trail wasn’t bad but I had to go up that section on my way back, it wasn’t fun.

Some long bog bridges on the way over to Saddleback Junior

I reached the summit and drank a lot of water and then headed back.

Looking northeast from Saddleback Junior, Sugarloaf is the tallest peak in the distance

On the way back down the Berry Pickers trail there were lots of mushrooms and berries near the trail so I took a few pictures of them.

Some very tasty blueberries

I don’t know the names of the mushrooms so here they are.

Ghostflower or Indian Pipe, not a mushroom but it also doesn’t photosynthesize

Finally got back to the car at 7PM and started the long drive home. Saddleback and The Horn are on the NE 100 Highest list so I only have 6 peaks left to finish that list and Saddleback Junior is on the NE 200 Highest list. I had to make that list up myself since it didn’t exist as near as I could tell.