Mt. Abraham

Hiked Mt. Abraham in Maine on 6/16/2018 on a bright sunny day with cool temperatures. It was a long drive up from home plus finding my way on dirt roads and one turn I wasn’t sure of, but I got there.

Sign at trailhead

The first 1.8 miles of the trail gains some elevation but very gently so it’s pretty easy to walk. After the old campsite the trail really starts to go up and when you reach the treeline there is a rocky slope that will really slow you down.

Toad just before treeline
Labrador Tea
Steep rocky slope

After the rocky slope it flattens out a bit but still is uphill all the way to the summit. There is a small emergency shelter just below the summit but I wouldn’t want to spend much time in it, it’s pretty cramped. Lots of good views from the summit and a trail that leads 1.7 miles over to the Appalachian trail. I ate my PBJ at the summit.

Summit of Abraham
Looking north toward Sugarloaf
Looking east, note the roof of the emergency shelter

There was lots of Mountain Cranberry growing on the summit.

Mountain Cranberry

After lunch and resting and taking pictures I started down and found a few woodland flowers.

Clintonia or Bluebead Lily

Made it back to the car and started the long drive home. Only 10 peaks left to finish the New England 100 Highest.

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