Breadloaf, Wilson and Roosevelt

Hiked Breadloaf, Wilson and Roosevelt on 11/28/2017 with Bill and Diane Schor. Weather was predicted to be bright and sunny but started off sort of cloudy before eventually clearing up. Temp was about 20 when we started and low 30s when we finished. These peaks are located in Vermont near Middlebury Gap. We took FR 59 off VT Route 125 and then FR 54 and finally FR 201 to the trailhead. FR 59 and 54 aren’t plowed in winter but were packed down and a little slippery in places. FR 201 hadn’t seen any traffic but we made it to the trailhead without any problems. There was about an inch of snow on the ground when we started and maybe 3 or 4 inches in the higher areas with a few deeper drifts. Snowshoes were definitely not needed and we didn’t carry them. We started up the Emily Proctor trail and it was almost flat for the first 3 miles with one major stream crossing.

Bill and Diane at the stream crossing

After reaching the Emily Proctor shelter we decided to change our plans for the day. Bill and Diane didn’t need to do Breadloaf which was a half mile to the south on the Long trail. Our plan had been to hike 5.5 miles along the Long trail and go over the summits of Wilson, Roosevelt and Cleveland but it was obvious we were going to run out of daylight and be descending on a trail that was snow covered using headlamps. We decided to only go over Wilson and Roosevelt and then come back to the shelter and Bill and I would do Breadloaf while Diane started to descend. Seemed like a good plan.

Emily Proctor shelter constructed in 1960

We headed over to Wilson and Roosevelt and had a few obstructed views on the way. We found a sunny spot out of the wind between Wilson and Roosevelt and ate our PBJs.

View on the way over to Cleveland

It wasn’t obvious where the summits were as they were sort of flat and there weren’t any signs or canisters. We went a little past the summit of Roosevelt and found an open spot with good views off to the east.

View from Cleveland

We headed back south along the Long trail and got to the shelter where Diane headed down and Bill and I headed over to Breadloaf. It was an easy half mile to the summit and then back to the shelter and down the Emily Proctor trail to the car. We got back to the car just before we would have had to put our headlamps on, good timing. On the way down we spotted some relics that we hadn’t seen on the way up.

Large gear from something

Only 11 peaks left to finish the New England 100 Highest list.

Our track for the day

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