West Tucker

Hiked West Tucker on 11/15/2017 with Bill Schor. It was a nice sunny day with temps in the low teens to start but it warmed up to 33 by the end of the day. We drove up the day before and spent the night in Errol at the Errol Motel. There are 5 restaurants in Errol and 4 of them are not open on Mondays or Tuesdays. Things are pretty slow this time of year. The place that was supposed to be open, Subway, closes at 6 but as we drove into town the sign was not lit up. We called them from the motel and nobody answered so it looked like we would have to drive 20 miles to Colebrook for dinner. However, on our way to Colebrook we stopped at the store and they were actually open just didn’t turn the sign on. We got up early in the morning and drove to Corser Brook Road which is a dirt logging road and followed that for 6 miles and then 9 miles on Four Mile Brook Road which slowly deteriorated the further in you got. We got to our starting point and headed up to West Tucker. We followed a skidder path for a while and then headed up into the woods.

Start of our hike up West Tucker
View to the northwest

Unfortunately we hit some fairly thick hobblebush on the way up that slowed us down. Eventually that ended but the last little bit to the summit was pretty thick spruce. After wandering around a bit we found the canister and signed in and then headed back down to the car. No view from the summit.

Bill at the summit

We went down our same track as it is easier to follow your tracks in the snow than to take a different route that might still have a lot of hobblebush. On the way down we found a deer antler that both of us had stepped over on the way up but hadn’t seen it.

Deer antler

We got back to the car and made the short but treacherous drive over to the start of our next hike. Only 2 more peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest list.

West tucker is the upper track

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