Mt Pisgah

Climbed Mt Pisgah on 11/12/2017 with Bill Schor. Temperature was 15F and stayed there most of the day. It was predicted to be cloudy but was sunny all day. We drove back in the same logging roads that we had driven yesterday but didn’t take any wrong turns so it was a little quicker. We got to the start of the hike and could see the summit so we just headed into the woods and went uphill. We walked almost a half mile through open almost flat woods and then we went uphill fairly steeply but still through nice woods. We reached the viewless summit and signed in and headed back down.

Summit canister
The wooded summit

We did manage to find one view on the way down, but they were in short supply on this hike.

Lake Francis

We got back to the car and headed south to Errol for our next hike. Only 4 peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest list.

Our track

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