Blue Ridge North and Crystal Northwest

Climbed Blue Ridge North and Crystal Northwest on 11/11/2017 with Bill Schor and Bill Cronin. Temperature was 5F and snowing even though it was predicted to be a bright sunny day. We had to drive about 15 miles on somewhat icy logging roads to get to the start of the hike plus we took a couple of wrong turns on the unsigned roads. We finally got to the end of the road and started up Blue Ridge North. We followed a skidder trail for a short distance but then just headed for the summit. There weren’t any views and it was too cold to take many pictures.

Summit canister

We headed down and then did a short drive over to the start of the hike to Crystal Northwest. We ate our PBJs in the car before we started the hike. It was still snowing some but the sun was trying to come out and it did finally succeed.

Crystal Northwest with a few snowflakes coming down

We had to go down some at first and then through a boggy area before we started up. We skirted around a few bumps before we got to the approach to the summit.

Open woods on the way up
The summit between the two trees

We reached the summit and found the canister, quickly signed in and headed back down. It had warmed up to 15 and the sun was out so it felt warm after the chilly start to the day.

Summit canister
View of Lake Francis in the distance

We had hoped to do another hike but it was obvious we were going to run out of daylight so we opted to call it a day and head back to Pittsburg. Only 5 peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest list.

Getting back to the car before the sun went down
Our track for both hikes

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