Black Northwest

Climbed Black Northwest on 11/12/2017 with Bill Schor. We drove down from Pittsburg after climbing Mt Pisgah and arrived at the starting point at lunch time so we ate in the warm car. We were able to follow old skidder paths for quite a while but we finally had to enter some pretty thick and steep woods which really slowed us down.

Looking to the summit on the skidder path

We did see a moose in the distance but he was too far away for a picture and didn’t hang around long.

Looking west towards Dixville Notch
Wind turbines on Dixville

We finally reached the summit and then spent quite a while looking for the canister. Bill was ready to give up but I finally found it in a pretty thick stand of spruce.

Summit canister

We headed down the same way we came up as there didn’t seem to be any better alternatives. We got back to the car and had another long drive home. Only 3 peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest list.

Our track

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