Elephant Mt.

Hiked Elephant Mountain in Andover, Maine on 10/18/2017 with Per and Helle Frost. It was a perfect hiking day with clear skies and cool temps. Elephant Mt. is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. You follow Rt 5 in Maine to the end of the road in Andover then follow South Arm Road for 9+ miles to Elephant Mt Road and drive as far as you dare without taking out the bottom of you car. There isn’t an official trail to the summit but there is a path you can follow most of the way if you have good eyes. We followed it most of the way. The woods are pretty open and no real steep spots, it was a pretty easy bushwhack. No views from the summit but a couple of open spots on the way down gave us some small views.

Our destination from where we parked
Summit canister, note the small elephant trunk

After eating our PBJs we headed back to the car and the long drive home.

Baldpates and Old Speck in the distance

Only 15 more peaks to finish the New England 100 Highest list.


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