Middle and South Whitcomb

Hiked Middle and South Whitcomb on 9/10/2011 with Bill and Diane Schor and Larry Babcock. Weather was forecast to be nice but it was cloudy all morning but cleared in the afternoon. The Whitcomb’s are located in Stark, NH about 7 miles in on Nash Stream Road which is a nice dirt road. We started at the gate for East Branch Road and followed that for about 3/4 miles and then branched off onto a nicely maintained snowmobile trail which we followed for about 2 miles and then started the bushwhack. It was a nice bushwhack through open woods with no annoying hobblebush.

Bill and Diane on the snowmobile trail
Summit of Middle Whitcomb

We were in the clouds on the summit of Middle Whitcomb so it was a little chilly as we ate our PBJs. Seems Fall is right around the corner. We left the summit of Middle and headed over to South. We dropped down a bit and ran into some really nasty going so we headed back up to the ridge where it was much better. We had good going until just before the summit of South where it got quite steep and some thick spruce but it didn’t last long and we easily found the summit.

Some little yellow fungi on the way to South
A mossy green monster in the woods
The four of us on the summit of South

We had a snack on South and then headed down to the snowmobile trail. We found a good route with only a little bit of hobblebush and then we found an old logging road for the last 1/2 mile.

Diane admiring the only view of the day
Larry having some unfiltered water

We made it back to the car and started the long drive home. Only 17 peaks left to complete the New Hampshire 200 Highest List.

Our track for the day

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