Snag Pond Peak and Mt D’Urban

Hiked Snag Pond Peak and Mt D’Urban on 8/10/2017 with Bill Schor, Bill Cronin and Larry Babcock. Weather was forecast to be nice with a chance of showers which luckily didn’t happen. Both peaks are located right on the US/Canada border in way northern Pittsburg, NH. We drove 13 miles on dirt East Inlet Road and then a short distance on Boundary Pond Road to start the hike. We walked a short distance to the pond and then started a short bushwhack up to the boundary swath.

Boundary Pond
Dam on Boundary Pond

We crossed over the dam and started the short bushwhack to the swath on the other side.

Looking south from Boundary Pond

There were lots of what looked to be abandoned moose stands along the swath.

Abandoned moose stand

We followed the swath for about 1.5 miles south to get to the summit of Snag Pond Peak. It’s pretty easy hiking the swath as ATVs use it so there is a bit of a trail and they keep brush cut. The canister is right on the edge of the swath so it is easy to find.

Larry making his way along the swath
Border marker
Summit canister

There was a little prefab cabin at the summit that had 2 bunks in it and lights and a heater. Pretty fancy accommodations for the middle of nowhere.

Prefab cabin on the summit

We then returned along the swath to the swampy end of Boundary Pond and kept going to the summit of D’Urban. There was one quite steep portion that the ATVs couldn’t navigate and it was very brushy. We found a way around it on the way back by making a slight detour into Canada which you can see on our track at the end of the post.

Looking towards D’Urban
Bill making his way up the steep brushy part
D’Urban summit canister
Looking into Canada from near the summit

We made our way back to the pond and cars and headed off to our second hike of the day. Only 25 peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest list.

Our track for the day

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