Tumbledick Mt, Sugar Hill and Dixville Peak

Hiked Tumbledick Mt, Sugar Hill and Dixville Peak on 7/13/2017 with Bill Schor. Weather was predicted to be off and on showers with a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. We had the showers but luckily no thunderstorms. We drove up in the morning so we didn’t get started until after 10 but we knew Tumbledick and Sugar Hill would be easy hikes. We were finished with the hike at 1:30 PM so we set off to find the road that went to Dixville Peak. We weren’t planning to climb it but just find the road. We found what we thought was the road but things didn’t look quite right so we kept following it to make sure and sure enough it was the correct road and it took us to a tenth of a mile from the summit. So we hiked the last .1 mile and finished the New Hampshire 100 Highest list.

For Tumbledick and Sugar Hill we parked at Coleman State Park in Stewartstown, NH and then followed the CoHos trail until we got to the location to start the bushwhack to Tumbledick. We used the Rec Hall to get our boots on as it was raining pretty hard when we got there.

Rec Hall at Coleman State Park

We started up the trail which went through campsite 11. It was a good thing nobody was using the site. The trail had been mowed so we didn’t have to go through the tall grass which was soaking wet from the rain. It helped keep us a little dry.

CoHos trail sign
Trail with mowed portion

We hiked about a mile on the trail and then took off into the woods for the 3 tenths bushwhack to the summit which was pretty easy. We ate our PBJs on the summit and then headed back to the trail to go to Sugar Hill.

Tumbledick summit canister

We got to the trail and followed it for a short distance and then branched off to a snowmobile trail that took us all the way to the summit. The summit is quite flat and there ae several points that could be the highpoint but there isn’t a canister to find. We are pretty sure we found the high point as our altimeter agreed with the map elevation. We did find a very nice moose rack near the summit.

Excellent moose rack

We returned to the car and set off to find the road to Dixville Peak. The reason there is a road to the summit is there are wind turbines on the summit that need to be maintained.

End of the road for us driving

We hiked up on the road but we had no views as were in the clouds.

Wind turbine

We returned to the car and then off to Colebrook we were planning to spend the night and hike again tomorrow. We passed the Balsams Hotel which is closed but there are plans to revitalize it and expand the ski area.

The Balsams Hotel

Only 33 peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest list and no peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 100 Highest list.

Track for Tumbledick Mt and Sugar Hill

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