Perry Ponds Peak and Prospect Hill West

Hiked Perry Ponds Peak and Prospect Hill West on 7/14/2017 with Bill Schor. Weather was predicted to be sunny in the morning and then clouding up with a chance of showers after 2PM. The showers held off until we were in the car and heading home. We drove north from Colebrook and through Pittsburg turning left onto Day Road which becomes Perry Stream Road. It’s a bumpy dirt road that we followed for 11.9 miles to where started the bushwhack to Perry Ponds Peak. It was a unventful bushwhack through nice woods until we got to the summit. The summit was kind of flat with multiple potential high points and there was some pretty thick vegetation to crawl through. We found the canister and signed in and had a snack then pushed on to Prospect Hill West.

Perry Ponds Peak summit canister

The bushwhack over to Prospect Hill West started out pretty easy but as we started the climb up to the border swath it got steep and nasty and slowed us down to a crawl. But we persevered and made it to the border swath.

Bill coming through some of the steep stuff
The swath, Canada on the left US on the right

We followed the swath for a while and there were nice flowers and butterflies.

Swallowtail butterfly on Hawkweed

We came to steep drop off where we could look ahead to the summit of Prospect Hill West. We didn’t feel like going down the steep part so we backtracked to an ATV trail we which illegally took us in to Canada and then back to the border. We saw a large bear track while we were on the ATV trail.

Looking at Prospect Hill West
Bear track

We made it to the summit and found the register and signed in and ate a late lunch of PBJs.

Bill with the canister

There was a camera mounted on a tree at the summit which we waved at, don’t know if it was a continuous shot or motion sensitive. We walked back down the swath a way to a low point and started the bushwhack back to the car.

Looking east along the swath
Lots of spruce trees

The way back to the car was pretty easy, nothing steep or thick spruce. We were on our way home by 3PM

Butterflies near where we were parked

Only 31 more peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest list.

Track for Perry Ponds Peak and Prospect Hill West

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