Chandler Mt

Hiked Chandler Mt on 6/25/2017 with Bill and Diane Schor and Larry Babcock. Weather was forecast to be nice with a chance of afternoon showers. We were done around 1:30, too early for showers. Chandler Mt is sort of in the middle of nowhere. It’s in the town of Jackson but nowhere near the actual town. The start of the hike is at the end of Slippery Brook Road which branches off Town Hall Road in Bartlett which is found off Route 16 just north of the Ragged Mt store. We started up FR17A and followed that for about a mile. The mosquitoes were fairly hungry for the first part of the hike but they eventually disappeared, it was also prime tick country. There was one large stream crossing near the start that Diane wasn’t happy about but made it across with dry feet.

Diane and Bill at the stream crossing

At the end of FR17A we headed uphill through some nice woods to the summit. We went through some nice birch glades and some steep spots but nothing really thick that would slow us down. As we approached the summit there were some nice views to the north.

Carrigain off to the north

We reached the nice open summit and signed into the register and ate our PBJs even though it was only 11AM.

Moose antlers on the summit
View of Mt Sable off to the Northeast
Looking south from the summit

We left the summit on a slightly different track that looked easier but it turned out to be about the same.

Larry disappearing into the ferns

It was nice walking through the birch glades and all the ferns but with all the ferns you couldn’t see where you were putting your feet. That was a bit of a problem. We reached the cars and picked the ticks off and headed home. Only 38 peaks left complete the New Hampshire 200 Highest list.

Lots of yellow flowers near the parking area


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