Duck Pond Mt

Hiked Duck Pond Mt on 6/22/2017 with Bill and Diane Schor and Larry Babcock. Weather was forecast to be partly sunny with a chance of afternoon showers which fortunately didn’t happen. We hiked almost 3.4 miles on the Nancy Pond trail before we started the short bushwhack to the summit of Duck Pond Mt. The trail is pretty easy until you get to the base of Nancy Cascades and then the trail goes up rather steeply. There were a few interesting artifacts along the trail on the way up to the bushwhack.

Larry’s scraped up legs before we started the hike
Bill and Diane crossing a stream
Some rusted metal remains and an old foundation

After 2.5 miles of trail we reached Nancy Cascade which is pretty tall.

Nancy Cascade

After another mile we reached Nancy Pond and finally started the bushwhack.

Nancy Pond

The bushwhack started off with a few nasty blowdowns and some thick spruce but eventually gave way to fairly easy and open woods. Then near the summit it got bad again and gave us a few problems in finding the summit. It was a small summit that didn’t stand out and was in a thick spruce area. We found it and ate our PBJs which we shared with a few black flies and then started down.

Summit canister

We took a slightly different route down which turned out to be more open and we went through a small boggy area which had some nice flowers.

Labrador Tea
Bunch Berry

We made it back to the trail and headed back to the parking lot. Only 39 peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest List.

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