Dorset Peak

Hiked Dorset Peak  in Dorset, Vermont on 6/3/2017. Weather was forecast to be clear but it was pretty cloudy in the morning and better in the afternoon. Temps were in the low 50s to start and warmed up to the low 60s. Pretty cool for June. No bushwhacking today all old logging roads, jeep trails and trails. Started up a logging road which turned into a jeep trail and eventually just a plain old trail. The logging road and jeep trail followed a stream for most of the way up. Shortly after starting up I met a hiker and his dog coming down. The dog was in the lead and started barking and snarling at me and then rushed at me. I tried to be friendly but it didn’t work. The hiker said don’t look at him he doesn’t like that. Well when a dog is attacking you, you tend to look at him so you can fend him off. The hiker apologised for the dogs behavior but it was a bad start to the day.

Stream and logging road
Waterfall near the jeep trail

I reached the height of land and took a left onto a trail and headed towards the summit.

Dorset Peak summit canister and pitcher

I then followed a path along the ridgeline to the shorter summit that was the site of an old firetower. On the way over a I saw the famous doorknob tree, don’t ask me why someone did that.

Doorknob tree
Firetower remains on the second summit
View to the north from the firetower site

I ate my PBJ here after putting on a long sleeved top and fleece vest, it was windy and quite cool. After eating I headed back to the car. Only 17 peaks left to finish the New England 100 Highest.

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