South Flat Mt

Hiked South Flat Mt on 6/1/2017 with Bill Schor. Showers were forecast off and on during the day but we had sun most of the day with one very minor shower. South Flat Mt is in Sandwich, NH near Sandwich Dome. We started up the Flat Mountain Pond trail for about .3 miles and then continued on a Forest Service road which went through some rather swampy areas. The mosquitos were ferocious at times.

Beaver dam and pond with a foggy view in the background

We continued along the road where we had a good view of Sandwich Dome.

Sandwich Dome

We continued further until the Forest Service road ended in a large open area. We turned left onto a logging road but it soon wasn’t going in the direction we wanted. So we bushwhacked heading toward the summit and found another logging road going in the right direction which we followed for quite a ways. The road eventually stopped going in the right direction and again we started bushwhacking to the summit. It was mostly open woods with nothing steep until the last 50 yards where there were some blowdowns and some thick spruce.

Approaching the summit

We found the summit and the small summit bottle.

Summit bottle

We brought with us a new canister to install. The canister was supplied by Larry Babcock who had been here a few weeks ago and noted the lack of a canister. Bill went to work doing the installation while I took a few pictures of the job.

Installing the bracket to the tree
Attaching the ring clamps to the bracket and canister
A little grimace while tightening the clamps
The final product

After that was done we ate our PBJs and looked at the views and then headed down.

Looking towards Mt Carrigain

We took a slightly different route down which was even easier than the route up. A very nice day except for the mosquitos. Only 42 peaks left to complete the New Hampshire 200 Highest list.

Our track

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