Mt Equinox

Hiked Mt Equinox in Manchester, VT on 5/27/2017. Equinox is on the New England 100 Highest list and since I don’t have too many left  on the list I thought it was time to do a few of them. Weather was forecast to be partly cloudy and it seemed like there was more sun than clouds but a pretty nice cool day. The trail is in the Equinox Mountain Preserve and leaves from near the center of town. There are quite a few trails in th Preserve but only the Blue trail goes to the summit. It starts off as an old road and starts going up almost immediately about half way up at a turn off to a spring it turns into a trail and continues going up. There aren’t any views until you get to the summit where there is 360 degree visibility. There used to be a small inn at the summit that was torn down in 2012 and replaced with the current Visitor Center. There isn’t any food available but there are bathrooms. You can also drive to the summit for a fee.

Visitor Center at the top
View looking north from the summit
View looking south from the summit

After eating my PBJ at a picnic table in the sun I headed over to Lookout Rock to see what the views were from there.

Manchester from Lookout Rock

I walked back to the trail and headed down to the parking lot and the long drive home. Only 18 peaks left to finish the New England 100 Highest.

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