Wolf Cub

Hiked Wolf Cub on 5/10/2017 with Bill and Diane Schor. It was predicted to be a cloudy day with a chance of showers but luckily the showers didn’t happen and the sun was out for a while. We parked at the trailhead for Georgiana Falls which is off Rt 3 just a little north of Lincoln. We started up the Georgiana Falls trail and then branched off onto a snowmobile trail and then did a short bushwhack and rejoined the snowmobile trail. The snowmobile did a long 2 mile loop and we just went straight up and rejoined it. Some of the early spring flowers were in blossom along our bushwhack route, nice to see them and know that the snow will soon be gone.

Painted Trillium
Purple Trillium aka “Stinking Benjamin”

We followed the snowmobile trail for another 2 miles or so and passed Bog Eddie and some interesting roadside debris.

View of Franconia Ridge across Bog Eddie
Fresh snow on Lincoln
Abandoned car with a few bullet holes

We followed the snowmobile trail until we reached the power line where we started the bushwhack to the summit. We had about a mile to go and it was pretty easy with no steep sections but a lot of hobble bush. Lots of big piles of moose poop were in evidence. The last 1/4 mile to the summit was awful with postholing in the snow. At one point I went in almost to my waist. We were only going to a little over 3000 feet and didn’t think there would be any snow but we were on the north side of the mountain and apparently the sun hadn’t been shining in there to melt the snow. We reached the summit and signed in and ate our PBJs.

Summit canister

We took a different route down to avoid the snow but it was quite steep with a few cliffs which we worked around. There were lots of trees to hold onto so it wasn’t bad but I certainly wouldn’t go that way on the way up. There were more spring flowers out that like to wait until the sun is bright before they open up for the day.

Trout Lily
Spring Beauty

We crossed quite a few small streams that didn’t present any problems crossing and there were a few small waterfalls.

Nice waterfall

There were also lots of mushrooms growing on the trees.

Large mushroom

We soon got back to the snowmobile trail and followed it back to the car. We did the long loop rather than do another bushwhack. Only 46 peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest.

Our track for the day

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