Mt Pliny

Hiked Mt Pliny on 5/4/2017. Weather was forecast to be bright and sunny and it was, unfortunately no views to be seen from this wooded summit. Mt Pliny is in Jefferson, NH a little southeast of Waumbek. It is on the New Hampshire 100 Highest list. I followed the abandoned Priscilla Brook trail for about 1.3 miles before starting the bushwhack to the summit.

Start of Priscilla Brook trail on Ingerson Road in Jefferson

The trail was easy to follow although somewhat overgrown in places and quite wet in some places.

Wet section of Priscilla Brook trail

Once I started the bushwhack it was drier although there was still some snow near the summit.

Purple Trillium almost in blossom
Trout Lily leaf but no blossom

There were some troublesome patches of hobble bush that slowed me down but no patches of spruce which was a relief. I reached the summit and ate my PBJ sitting in the sun.

Summit register bottle

The PVC canister was missing and replaced by a bottle. I made my way back to the trail and missed most of the hobble bush. There were lots of nice little waterfalls in Priscilla Brook that were looking good with the sunlight on them.

Priscilla Brook waterfall

Made it back the car and headed home. Only one more peak to finish the New Hampshire 100 Highest list. That will have to wait a while until the snow melts as it is up in Dixville Notch where there is still lots of snow.

Todays track

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