Eagle Cliff

Hiked Eagle Cliff on 4/27/17 with Bill and Diane Schor and Larry Babcock. Forecast was for mostly cloudy skies which turned out to be true although we did get some brief views on the summit through the lifting clouds. We parked in Franconia Notch at the former Old Man viewing site.

View from the Old Man viewing site

The Greenleaf trail used to start here but it was rerouted to the Tram parking lot some time ago. We followed the old trail up to the existing trail and followed it up to Eagle Pass where there was quite a bit of snow.

Diane on the snowpack
Diane staring up at the cliff we had told her we needed to climb

We made our way through Eagle Pass and then started up to Eagle Cliff. We put our snowshoes on but quickly took them off as we ran out of snow and we were faced with a small cliff that couldn’t be climbed with snowshoes.

Diane making her way up the short cliff

We went a little further and ran into another cliff. I had to pull Diane up part of it as her legs were too short to make some of the steps, she wasn’t a real happy camper but she made it. We found the summit in some pretty thick spruce and signed in.

The summit canister

There was an open ledge near the summit with good views down the notch. Fortunately we saw the view for about a minute as the clouds briefly lifted.

View down the notch

We ate our PBJs and then headed down. We took a slightly different route that was much easier and avoided the cliffs which was a good thing to do. Nobody lost anything on this trip so we didn’t have to stop and look for things. I noticed a tree on the way down that the Pileated Woodpeckers had pretty much destroyed.

Pileated woodpecker holes

Only 47 peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest list.

Track for the day

One thought on “Eagle Cliff

  1. Hey!
    I missed ya by a day and about a mile! Was up yesterday (Friday) doing Artist’s Bluff and Bald for the first time, (and Lonesome Lake and some Lincoln Woods) with a friend, and we gazed over to Eagle Cliff. And no, I’m not retired yet!


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