Bartlett Haystack

Hiked Bartlett Haystack on 4/24/17 with Bill and Diane Schor and Larry Babcock. As I drove through Conway on the way up I caught the local forecast and they said it was going to be a 50 cent day, which is as good as it gets. They were correct, it was a perfect day weather wise. It was less than perfect for hiking conditions. I lost count of how many times we put our snowshoes on and then took them off. We had bare ground and then snow and then more bare ground and a cliff we had to navigate. The usual route for this hike is from the height of land on the Bear Notch Road but it is still closed for the winter. So we took a somewhat longer route that we thought would work fine. We went up the Mt Tremont trail until an old logging road crossed that went in the direction we wanted. Unfortunately there were a lot of small trees growing in it and sections had a stream flowing down it. We eventually just walked in the woods beside the road and it was quite a bit better but still pretty wet.

Logging road we tried to follow
Waterfall along the Mt Tremont trail

At the end of the logging road we had a significant stream to cross but we got across with dry feet.

Bill and Diane at the stream crossing

We then started the fairly steep uphill part of the hike that seemed to go on forever. It didn’t help that Larry and I took a wrong turn and started heading in the wrong direction. We realized that pretty quickly it but slowed us down. Then Bill lost a snowshoe and we had to go back and find it. It was at the bottom of a spruce trap. We were almost over to the summit when I discovered that I had lost my camera. We continued to the summit and hoped we would find it on the way back. Also just before the summit we ran into a 20 foot cliff that didn’t look like we would be able to maneuver around, but we found a way up it that required one more taking off of the snow shoes.

Emerging from the brush after coming up the cliff
Signing the summit register
Lunch on the rocks
View looking toward Mt Washington
View looking to the west

We ate our PBJs on the summit and then headed down hoping to find my camera. We followed our tracks back and fortunately found the camera before we hit bare ground. It would have been difficult to follow our track on bare ground and we could have easily missed the camera. The last stream crossing was difficult and we had to put a log across to balance on to make it with dry feet.

The final stream crossing

We made it back to the cars where Larry discovered that he had left his keys in the drivers side lock the whole time we were gone. He was a little disgusted that nobody had thought it valuable enough to steal. Only 48 peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest.

Our track for the day

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