Mt Rosebrook and Mt Oscar

Climbed Mt Rosebrook and Mt Oscar on 4/20/2017 with Bill and Diane Schor. The weather forecast was for a chance of showers before 9AM and then mostly cloudy with a chance of sun. It never rained but we were in the clouds all day until we were part way down. Almost all of the hike was on the Bretton Woods ski trails. Snowshoes just came along for the ride as we never used them. Bretton Woods was closed for the season so we didn’t have to pay the $21 for using the trails. We ran into the General Manager who was also walking up to check up on a few things. Chatted with him as we walked up for quite a while. He likes to hike remote ponds. We hiked up ski trails directly to the summit of Mt Rosebrook, there weren’t any views and no summit canister.

Snow on the trail but none in the woods
Restaurant looming out of the fog
Bill and Diane on the summit of Rosebrook

We left the summit of Rosebrook and followed a hiking trail maintained by the ski area over to Mt Oscar. There would have been good views there except we were still in the clouds. There was what looked like one of the old Cog Railway cars near the summit that was being used as a shelter and snack shop. Don’t know how they got it there. We ate our PBJs in it.

Snack shop on Mt Oscar

We headed down the ski trail and got our first views of the day over toward the Presidential Range.

View of Presidential Range

Only 49 peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest. Mt Oscar isn’t on the 200 list but is on the 300 list.

Our track for the day, ignore the long straight line

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