Loon Mt and Black Mt

Climbed Loon Mt and Black Mt on 4/17/2017 with Bill and Diane Schor and Larry Babcock. It was cloudy to start but turned into a partly cloudy day with warm temps. The chance of morning showers fortunately didn’t happen. We started at the Loon Mt Ski area parking lot and went up one of the ski trails that was just unrelenting in how steep it was, there weren’t any breaks just up and up until the summit.

View to the northeast from the ski trail
Bill and Diane on their way up
Looking to the north to Franconia Ridge

We reached the summit of Loon with a lot of sweating. There wasn’t a sign or canister at the summit which is a short distance from the top of the chairlift. We had a snack and then followed the unofficial trail used by skiers and hikers that goes over to Black Mt. It follows the ridgeline and is easy to follow and even has a few views.

View to the slides on West Scar which is a NH 100 Highest peak

The ski trail heads down before the summit of Black so we bushwhacked up to the summit where there aren’t any views.

Old summit sign on Black
Summit canister on Black
Me, Larry and Diane on the summit

We ate our PBJs on the summit and then bushwhacked down to the ski area. We didn’t want to climb back up to the summit of Loon and then have to go down the steep ski trail. Only 50 Peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest.

Our track for the day

I forgot to turn the GPS on in the parking lot so this is the track from Loon to Black and then back to the parking lot.


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