East Huntington

Hiked East Huntington on 4/14/17 with Bill and Diane Schor and Larry Babcock. It was another perfect day with bright blue skies, temps in the 30s and 40s and no wind. We parked on the Kanc about a mile or so from the hairpin turn and started the bushwhack from their. It went up steeply at first and the snow was quite hard with the below freezing temps. There was an opening that allowed us to look over and see the cliffs on West Huntington where we had been on our last hike. Looking at it, it was a good thing nobody fell as it was a long way straight down.

West Huntington cliffs from start of East Huntington bushwhack

We whacked up to a ridge line and followed that for a while through decent woods and then started on a line to the summit of East. There was some steepness and some thick spruce but it was manageable. We then got to the ridgeline that went to the summit which was very nice open woods except for the last 200 or so feet. That was steep, rocky and almost impenetrable spruce, it was very tough going. We made it to the summit which was open and had some nearby views.

Bill and Diane on the summit
Old summit sign that won’t last much longer
Selfie that Larry took
The view from East Huntington, Carrigain is the tallest peak

We ate our PBJs and some bars the Diane brought. We took a different route off the summit to avoid the nasty stuff and that worked much better. We followed our tracks along the ridge for a while and then stayed on the ridge as it was better walking than heading down. We turned off the ridge and headed down to where we had started. Only 52 peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest.

East Huntington Track

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