West Huntington

Hiked West Huntington on 4/9/2017 with Bill and Diane Schor and Larry Babcock. It was a beautiful clear day with temps in the low 30s to start but was almost 60 by the end of the hike. I hadn’t hiked in almost a month as we took an extended camping trip down south to visit National Parks, Seashores, Monuments and Historic Sites. A lot of walking but no hills. We parked at the hairpin turn on the Kanc and followed the Hancock Notch trail for about 3 tenths mile and then started the bushwhack.

Sign at the start, you’ve seen this in a previous post

We used snowshoes the whole hike but never sank in more than 3 or 4 inches. We never ran into anything really steep or thick but did have some fresh snow falling off the trees and down our necks. Larry being the tallest suffered the most. There were a couple of places on the way up where the trees thinned a bit and we had some views.

Moosilaukee through the trees

We reached the summit and had our PBJs even though it was only 10:45, we were hungry.

Me on the summit
Larry and I looking at something

On the way down we found a place with great views off to the west that we had missed on the way up.

Hitchcocks in the front and Franconia Ridge in the background
Franconia Ridge
The Osceolas

We continued a little further down and Larry thought there would be some views off to the east if we wandered over that way. So off we went about a 100 yards and sure enough right at the top of some massive cliffs there were some really good views.

The Kanc and Chorcorua way in the background, don’t look down it was probably a 500 foot drop

We continued down and got 1 more unusual view of Lafayette.

Lafayette peaking above a ridge

Made it back to the parking lot and drove up the Kanc a little bit to check out parking for our next hike to East Huntington. Only 53 peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest.


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