North Hitchcock

Hiked North Hitchcock on 3/6/2017 with Bill and Diane Schor. It was another perfect day with bright blue skies and no wind. It was a little chilly to start, 8 degrees, but it warmed up into the high 30s by the end of the day. This was the last of the 5 Hitchcocks that we needed for our various lists, it was good to be done with them. We parked at Lincoln Woods and hiked about 1.4 miles along the Pemi East Side trail before we started the bushwhack to North Hitchcock. We had very nice open woods for the first 3/4 mile and then a short section of thick spruce and some short cliffs that weren’t hard to get around. Unfortunately Diane’s jacket fell off her pack and we had to backtrack to find it. There wasn’t much snow on the ground and it was difficult to follow our tracks back but we did find her jacket which had her phone in it. We continued on through nice open woods and then came to the steep pitch up to the ridgeline. That slowed us down a bit but we got to the ridgeline where it flattened out and was open woods for a while but then we hit a patch of really thick spruce. We finally popped out of that to the site of a helicopter landing pad and a Forest Service radio repeater site.

Helicopter landing and radio site

We continued on to the summit which was only 200 feet further where we signed in to the register. The last visitors to sign in were in October of last year and before that in February of last year.

North Hitchcock summit canister

We went back to the radio site and sat in the warm sun and ate our PBJs and admired the views.

Lincoln and Lafayette from North Hitchcock

We followed our track back to the trail with a little difficulty as the warm sun had melted our steps in a few places but we managed. Only 54 peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest.


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