Flat Mountain

Hiked Flat Mountain on 1/9/2017 with Bill and Dianne Schor and Larry Babcock. It was a nice clear day with no wind. Temperature was 0F when we started and warmed all the way up to 10F on the summit. We started out following the Drakes Brook trail for a short distance and then followed Fletcher’s Cascade trail to its end at the Cascade. Both trails were broken out and were easy walking. Then the work started.

Lower Fletchers Cascade
Lower Fletcher’s Cascade

First we came to Lower Fletcher’s Cascade which was all frozen over and covered with snow. The trail went somewhat steeply up the side of the stream. Then we came to Upper Fletcher’s Cascade which was very steep and icy and the trail came to an end.

Upper Fletchers Cascade
Upper Fletcher’s Cascade

We bushwhacked up the right side of the falls in woods that were open but quite steep and several feet of snow with a 2 inch crust on top. We had to kick into the snow with every step before you could make forward progress. It took over an hour to get to the top of the falls where it flattened out but then we had to contend with some thick patches of spruce and still had the crust to deal with. Sometimes the crust would hold but usually you would break through it. I had thought we would get to the summit by noon but we didn’t get there until 2PM, it was a very late PBJ.

Only view of the day
Only view of the day Courtesy of Larry Babcock
Making our way through the woods
Making our way through the woods

We finally got to the summit and signed into the register took a few pictures and beat a hasty retreat.

The four of us on the summit
The four of us on the summit Courtesy of Larry Babcock

Fortunately it only took us 2.5 hours to get back to the parking lot just before it got dark. Only 63 more peaks left to complete the New Hampshire 200 Highest.

Our track of Flat Mountain
Our track of Flat Mountain

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