Hiked Mt. Kearsarge in western New Hampshire on 12/14/2016. This was a New Hampshire 200 Highest peak that was an easy short hike so I could get home in time to go to an evening meeting. It was a bright sunny day with temps in the high 20s but a pretty stiff wind blowing. The trail I chose was in Winslow State Park which is closed for the winter so I had to hike a mile up the access road to get to the start of the trail.

Park Entrance sign
Park entrance sign

Once I reached the trail I put snowshoes on as my feet were slipping and sliding in the light powder snow. There were a few steep rocky sections to the trail but all in all it was a pretty good trail. The summit is open and exposed and with the wind it was pretty chilly so I didn’t linger long. There were good views in all directions. There is a fire tower and cell tower on the summit which detract from what would otherwise be a great place to spend some time on a warmer day.

View looking toward Mt Sunapee on the right side
View looking toward Mt Sunapee on the right side
View in a different direction
View in a different direction
Summit buildings
Summit buildings

I didn’t go up the fire tower as I had my snowshoes on and didn’t feel like taking them off and it was even windier up there. Met up with another hiker on the summit and we hiked down together. We talked hiking at first and then he tried to convince me that the earth was flat. Made for an interesting conversation. Only 67 peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest list. I ate my PBJ on the drive home.


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