The Fool Killer

Climbed The Fool Killer on 11/19/2016 with Larry Babcock. The weather was bright and sunny with temps in the 30s and 40s, ideal weather for hiking in November and no snow. We started out hiking up the Pine Bend Brook trail until it takes a sharp right hand turn which is where we started the bushwhack. This isn’t the “usual” route but it avoids 7 stream crossings on the Sabbaday Brook trail. The route got steep pretty quickly and we encountered some blowdowns but they weren’t as bad as some I have come across. We followed a nice stream for a while that had several good falls in it.

One of several waterfalls
One of several waterfalls

The route continued to be steep and we encountered some small cliffs to workaround but we eventually reached the long flat summit. Unfortunately we had to walk almost a quarter mile to get to the recognized high point.

Summit canister
Summit canister
Summit sign
Summit sign

Not many pictures today as we were in the woods all day and no views opened up. We ate our PBJs at the summit and then started down. We took a slightly different route that avoided the cliffs and the blowdowns. We were pretty happy with that as it is more difficult to navigate around them going down hill than it is going uphill. Only 8 more peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 100 Highest. Lots of snow predicted in the mountains in the next week which may slow things down.


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