Vose Spur

Hiked Vose Spur on 8/11/2016 with Bill Cronin. Weather was predicted to be hot and humid but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but there was still a lot of sweating involved. This is both a New Hampshire 100 Highest and New England 100 Highest peak. We hiked the Signal Ridge trail and then the Carrigain Notch trail to get to the start of the bushwack. The start of the bushwack is just past a large rock on the Carrigain Notch trail and there is a herd path that heads off into the woods. We ate our PBJs here as we had gotten a late start. We were able to follow this all the way up to 3000 feet. We lost the herd path a few times but were able to find it and keep on going. At 3000 feet another herd path came in from the left and we followed that pretty easily all the way to the bottom of the talus slope. There are 3 cairns on the talus slope and if you follow them you will easily find where the trail goes back into the woods. There were good views from the talus slope.

Bill climbing the talus slope
Bill climbing the talus slope
View looking toward Chorcorua from the talus slope
View looking toward Chorcorua from the talus slope

After the talus slope the trail became quite steep for a while but then flattened out as we neared the summit. There is the usual canister at the summit to sign but there is also a very nice addition that was welcome after the steep hike.

Vose Spur summit cannister
Vose Spur summit canister
Vose Spur summit chair
Vose Spur summit chair

We made our way back to Carrigain Notch trail although we lost the herd path about a quarter mile before the trail. We made it with no problems. Only 29 left for the Hew Hampshire 100 Highest and 27 for the New England 100 Highest.


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