Iron Mountain

Climbed Iron Mountain in Jackson 5/19/2016. I had climbed this before but had neglected to do the .2 mile spur down to the old mines so I had to go all the way up to the top and down the other side to get to the spur trail. I didn’t get started until 11AM and showers were predicted in the early afternoon. It started sprinkling right at noon. There are nice views from the fields right at the start of the trail that were somewhat obscured by the clouds.

View to the north from the fields
View to the north from the fields

I quickly reached the summit where there are the remains of a fire tower and started down the other side.

Summit of Iron Mountain
Summit of Iron Mountain

It’s about .8 miles down to the spur trail to the mines. You probably lose 300 feet in elevation going down to the mines which you have to regain on your way back. The first mine is just a big open pit.

First open pit mine
First open-pit mine

On the way down to the second mine there is a good view to the west.

View to the west from between the two mines
View to the west from between the two mines

The second mine is a shaft that goes horizontally into the mountain. I didn’t go into it as there was quite a bit of water on the floor of it.

Second mine
Second mine

The trail continues down to Jericho Road which I wasn’t aware of and have no idea where it comes out on the road. By the time I got back to the main trail it had started to rain so I hiked back to the car and had my PBJ while sitting in the car. Only 15.6 miles left.


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