Dixville Notch and Diamond Peaks

Hiked the trails around Dixville Notch on saturday 11/14/2015. It was a cold, windy and snowy day so I didn’t bring my camera. They were plowing and salting the road through the notch as it was accumulating and was slippery. Fortunately there wasn’t any ice on the trails and we only had snow and wet leaves to contend with and that was enough. We started on the Sanguinary Ridge trail which if it wasn’t snowing would have had great views. That left us at the main entrance to the currently not open Balsams Resort where we went up the very steep and rocky Table Rock trail where there also would be great views on a better day. We then took the Three Brothers and Huntington Cascade trails back to where we had started. It was actually quite pleasant to be out hiking in snow and not having to keep swatting at bugs.

After completing these trails I drove over to Errol and took Route 16 north to Dead Diamond Road which goes into the Second College Grant. This is owned by Dartmouth College. The road is gated so you have to walk in 2.2 miles on the road to get to the trailhead. The trail itself is only 1.1 miles so you end up walking 6.6 miles of trail and road for 1.1 miles of redlining. The road walk isn’t too bad as you pass through a large beaver swamp and their are also good views of some nice falls and rapids on the Dead Diamond River. The trail is fairly easy and takes you up to some spectacular cliffs where Peregrine Falcons nest in the spring. The trail is sometimes closed due to there nesting which is why I wanted to do this hike this fall.

Trails completed; Sanguinary Ridge 1.7 miles, Table Rock, 1 mile, 3 Brothers 1 mile, Huntington Cascade .5 miles and Diamond Peaks 1.1 miles. Only 73.4 miles to complete.


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