Cherry Mountain and Owls Head

Since I won’t be hiking another “Grid over 60” peak until next July I thought I would add posts of my final 100 miles of redlining which will also finish in July of next year. Redlining is hiking all of the trails that are in the AMC White Mountain Guide. You get to pick which edition of the Guide you are using. I am using the 29th edition, which is the latest edition. There are 1439.6 miles of trails in the 29th Edition and I have currently 103.1 miles left to complete.


Bill Cronin and I set out to hike Cherry Mountain and Owls Head and all of the associated trails on 10/27/15. It was a perfect day for hiking with bright blue skies and cool temperatures. We left one car at the Owls Head trail on Rt 115 in Jefferson and then went up Cherry Mountain Road to the Cherry Mountain trailhead. This was a nice wide trail that was also a snowmobile trail. We took the summit spur to the top of  Cherry Mountain where there were excellent views. The Cherry Mountain trail continues down to Rt 115 but we stayed up high to go over to Owls Head.

Presidentail Range from Cherry Mountain
Presidential Range from Cherry Mountain


Franconia Ridge from Cherry Mountain
Franconia Ridge from Cherry Mountain

Leaving the summit of Cherry Mountain we took the Martha’s Mile Trail over to Owls Head. There were also good views from Owls Head.

Mt. Washington from Owls Head
Mt. Washington from Owls Head

This Owls Head is not the same Owls Head that is a 4000 foot peak. From the summit we took the trail down to the trailhead on Rt 115. We then drove up Cherry Mountain Road and retrieved Bill’s car. He went off to do some redlining and I drove back to Rt 115 to the other end of the Cherry Mountain Trail and hiked up to the junction with the Summit Spur Trail. Bill had already completed this part of the trail. It was much steeper than the approach from the other side but still not all that difficult. There was one nice little spring at the side of the trail.

Spring on the side of the trail
Spring on the side of the trail

Completed 8.7 miles of trail and only have 94.4 miles left.


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