East Osceola and Osceola

Hiked East Osceola and Osceola on 1/15/2015. Peaks 545 and 546 for “The Grid over 60”. Mike Lynch joined me for this hike. Once again the weather forecast was not right, it was supposed to be clear but it was cloudy all day and the summits were in the clouds. It took us 2 hours to hike the 1.5 mile section of trail from the junction of the Greeley Ponds Trail and the Mt. Osceola Trail. It was the usual steep but very hard packed snow that required us to use our crampons and was really slow going. The summit of East peak is really not very rewarding as it is wooded and there aren’t any views.

Summit of East Osceola
Summit of East Osceola

After descending East Osceola and starting theĀ ascent of Osceola the first thing you come to is The Chimney. It’s very steep and this time of year is very icy. There is a bypass which is somewhat better but today it also was icy, so we took the bypass of the bypass which is a short bushwack through the trees.

The Chimney
The Chimney

We got to the summit of Osceola where we had our PBJs in the woods where we were out of the wind. We then turned around and went back over East Osceola and back to the parking lot.

Mike descending Osceola
Mike descending Osceola

On the return we stopped for Mike to retrieve a mitten that he had lost when he slipped on one of the steep spots.

Mike retrieving a mitten
Mike retrieving a mitten

Only 30 peaks left to finish “The Grid over 60”.


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