Middle Carter

Hiked Middle Carter on 1/9/2015. This was peak 544 for “The Grid over 60”. Mike Lynch joined me for this hike. We also did South Carter but it didn’t count as a peak for January as I had hiked it previously in January. I didn’t bring my camera as it was snowing and the summits were in the clouds and predicted to stay that way most of the day. Turns out the forecast was wrong and we ended up having decent views from the summits. So I dug into the archives for a few shots from the same hike in February of 2014. We were able to bareboot all the way to Zeta Pass where we put the snowshoes on. There had been one hiker heading over to South and Middle but they had barebooted and kind of made a mess of things. There aren’t any views from South Carter as it is a wooded summit so we continued on and had our PBJs in the sun part way up Middle where we were out of the wind. Here are some of the views from the vicinity of the summit of Middle.

Washington and the ravines
Washington and the ravines
Madison and Adams in the clouds
Madison and Adams in the clouds
Summit of Washington
Summit of Washington

We continued down the North Carter and Imp trails which were a mess from barebooters. Only 32 peaks left to finish “The Grid over 60”.


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