Mendon Peak

Hiked Mendon Peak in Vermont on 10/12/2017. It was a perfect hiking day with clear skies and cool temps. Mendon Peak is located east of Rutland, VT and not too far from Killington Ski Area. The hike started near the trail head for the Bucklin Trail which goes up to Killington. The suggested route follows a logging roads for quite a while before starting the bushwhack to the summit. I was following the suggested route but eventually lost it, so I just headed straight up the side of the mountain to the summit. That seemed to work pretty well. Not much to see on the way up except for a few mushrooms.

Mushrooms on a birch tree

Just before reaching the summit there was a side path to a ledge with a really good view.

Killington just to the north
The view from the ledge

After a short walk to the summit from the view I found the canister and signed in. while I was doing that another hiker showed up. That doesn’t happen very often on summits with no trails. He was from Virginia and is working on quite a few hiking projects. Turns out his wife’s family is from Zofingen, Switzerland where I visited a couple of weeks ago, small world.

Summit canister

I walked back to the view point and ate my PBJ and then headed down on a different and shorter route to the car. Only 16 peaks left to finish the New England 100 Highest peaks.


Middle and South Whitcomb

Hiked Middle and South Whitcomb on 9/10/2011 with Bill and Diane Schor and Larry Babcock. Weather was forecast to be nice but it was cloudy all morning but cleared in the afternoon. The¬†Whitcomb’s are located in Stark, NH about 7 miles in on Nash Stream Road which is a nice dirt road. We started at the gate for East Branch Road and followed that for about 3/4 miles and then branched off onto a nicely maintained snowmobile trail which we followed for about 2 miles and then started the bushwhack. It was a nice bushwhack through open woods with no annoying hobblebush.

Bill and Diane on the snowmobile trail
Summit of Middle Whitcomb

We were in the clouds on the summit of Middle Whitcomb so it was a little chilly as we ate our PBJs. Seems Fall is right around the corner. We left the summit of Middle and headed over to South. We dropped down a bit and ran into some really nasty going so we headed back up to the ridge where it was much better. We had good going until just before the summit of South where it got quite steep and some thick spruce but it didn’t last long and we easily found the summit.

Some little yellow fungi on the way to South
A mossy green monster in the woods
The four of us on the summit of South

We had a snack on South and then headed down to the snowmobile trail. We found a good route with only a little bit of hobblebush and then we found an old logging road for the last 1/2 mile.

Diane admiring the only view of the day
Larry having some unfiltered water

We made it back to the car and started the long drive home. Only 17 peaks left to complete the New Hampshire 200 Highest List.

Our track for the day

Bald Cap

Hiked Bald Cap on 8/30/2017 with Larry Babcock and Sally Bubier. Weather was forecast to be cloudy in the morning and clearing up in the afternoon and that is exactly what happened. Bald Cap is located in Shelburne, NH and is about a half mile off the Appalachian Trail. We hiked up 3.1 miles on the Peabody Brook trail and then a short distance along the AT before we started the bushwhack. Going up the Peabody Brook trail we took a short side trip over to Giant Falls. The falls are quite tall but very little water as it has been so dry.

Very dry Giant Falls

We continued up the trail and came to Dream Lake which is at the junction of  the Peabody Brook trail and the AT, it has great views to the south and the Presidential Range.

Dream Lake in the morning
Dream Lake in the afternoon

After we started the bushwhack we weren’t very far in when we ran across a well blazed property line that we think marked the Appalachian Trail corridor. I have seen this in Maine but never before in New Hampshire.

Appalachian Trail corridor blazing

The bushwhack was mostly through open woods with lots of soft sphagnum moss. The first 100 feet or so was through thick spruce but the rest was quite easy.

Most of the bushwhack looked like this

We reached the summit and found the canister, signed in and ate our PBJs. This was the most unusual summit canister I have seen.

The three of us on the summit

We headed back down and found a few things to photograph before we got back to the trail.

Purple Trillium seed pod
Indian Pipe

On the way down we took another side trip to Bald Cap Peak ledges. This trail was not here when I was redlining this area several years ago. There were some nice views from the ledges and worth the trip over there.

The Carters from the ledges
Looking southeast from the ledges over the town of Shelburne
Turkey Vultures with the Carters in the background

We went back to the trail and continued down and back to the cars. Only 19 more peaks to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest list.

The bushwhack portion of today’s hike

North Black Crescent, Black Crescent and South Black Crescent

Hiked the three Black Crescents on 8/21/2017 with Bill Schor and Larry Babcock. Weather was predicted to be nice and it was a nice day for hiking with clear blue skies and moderate temperatures. The Black Crescents are located in Randolph, New Hampshire in the Pliny Range. They could be approached from the south side of the range but we chose to approach from the north side off of Bog Dam Road. We started our bushwhack opposite the trailhead for the Landing Camp Trail. Larry likes to park on the side of the road and head uphill so that’s what we did. The woods were open with no steep parts and no hobble bush or thick spruce so it was easy getting to the summit of North Black Crescent.

Me opening the canister on North Black Crescent

There weren’t any views from the summit and it wasn’t lunch time so we set out for Black Crescent. Again it was a pretty easy hike with nothing steep or thick.

Black Crescent summit

Again there weren’t any views and it still wasn’t lunch time so we set out for South Black Crescent. We followed the ridgeline down quite a ways steeply at times and when we got to the low point between the summits we decided to have our PBJs and look at the map. We had to go around a small bump and then head for the summit. We hit some pretty thick hobble bush and thick spruce but nothing that we hadn’t encountered on other bushwhacks. We reached the summit and signed in and started back to the road still with no views.

South Black Crescent summit canister

On the way down we finally had a view looking back to Black Crescent, it wasn’t very impressive but the only view of the day. We also found some wild flowers in a few open spots.

Looking back to Black Crescent
Joe-Pye Weed
Golden Rod
New England Aster

We got back to the road and then walked about a mile along the road back to the car. It was a good day, a good hike and nice to get more than 1 peak for the day. Only 20 peaks left to finish the New England 200 Highest list.

Our track for the day

Mt Howe

Climbed Mt Howe on 8/16/2017 with Bill and Diane Schor and Larry Babcock. Weather was forecast to be cloudy in the morning and then clear in the afternoon and that is exactly what happened. Mt Howe is located off the Shelburne trail near Shelburne Moriah mountain. It is reached by a dirt road off Rt 2 in Shelburne almost to the Maine border. We hiked 4 miles on the Shelburne trail to reach the start of the bushwhack. Trail was a combination of old logging road and then a not much used trail. It had rained overnight so we got pretty wet walking through tall grass and overhanging bushes. The bushwhack was short and pretty easy, we even found the remains of an old trail that went to the summit. There was a jar hanging on a tree on the summit and Larry replaced it with a small canister he happened to have with him.

Some of many mushrooms growing along the trail
Evidence of an old trail to the summit
Trying to figure out what we were looking at in the distance
Looking at Chandler and Black
Shelburne Moriah
Diane signing us in to the register
Larry attaching the new canister
The four of us on the summit

After eating our PBJs we headed back to the trail and to the parking lot. Only 23 more peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest list.

Our track for the day

Mt Kent

Hiked Mt Kent on 8/10/2017 with Bill Schor, Bill Cronin and Larry Babcock. Weather was forecast to be nice with a chance of showers which fortunately didn’t happen. We drove about 3 miles back along East Inlet Road from Boundary Pond and then followed a side road for half a mile and started the bushwhack. The bushwhack was only a half mile through really nice open woods except for the first 200 feet. What a relief to have such a nice hike to end the day.

Brushy start to the bushwhack
The four of us on the summit

We quickly made our way back to the cars and started the 5 hour drive home. An hour of that was the slow drive on the dirt road. Only 24 peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest list.

Our track

Snag Pond Peak and Mt D’Urban

Hiked Snag Pond Peak and Mt D’Urban on 8/10/2017 with Bill Schor, Bill Cronin and Larry Babcock. Weather was forecast to be nice with a chance of showers which luckily didn’t happen. Both peaks are located right on the US/Canada border in way northern Pittsburg, NH. We drove 13 miles on dirt East Inlet Road and then a short distance on Boundary Pond Road to start the hike. We walked a short distance to the pond and then started a short bushwhack up to the boundary swath.

Boundary Pond
Dam on Boundary Pond

We crossed over the dam and started the short bushwhack to the swath on the other side.

Looking south from Boundary Pond

There were lots of what looked to be abandoned moose stands along the swath.

Abandoned moose stand

We followed the swath for about 1.5 miles south to get to the summit of Snag Pond Peak. It’s pretty easy hiking the swath as ATVs use it so there is a bit of a trail and they keep brush cut. The canister is right on the edge of the swath so it is easy to find.

Larry making his way along the swath
Border marker
Summit canister

There was a little prefab cabin at the summit that had 2 bunks in it and lights and a heater. Pretty fancy accommodations for the middle of nowhere.

Prefab cabin on the summit

We then returned along the swath to the swampy end of Boundary Pond and kept going to the summit of D’Urban. There was one quite steep portion that the ATVs couldn’t navigate and it was very brushy. We found a way around it on the way back by making a slight detour into Canada which you can see on our track at the end of the post.

Looking towards D’Urban
Bill making his way up the steep brushy part
D’Urban summit canister
Looking into Canada from near the summit

We made our way back to the pond and cars and headed off to our second hike of the day. Only 25 peaks left to finish the New Hampshire 200 Highest list.

Our track for the day